Mbed ans Arduino Nano33BLE

Gday all

I need some assistance with a project I am building in Arduino using the Arduino Nano33BLE board. My project is finished except with one part, I want to add one and two word audio off the boards flash memory. There are loads of options for all Arduino boards, but none for the Nano33BLE due to its new processor.
I am new to Arduino and have no idea about Mbed OS other than Arduino says it can be used on the Nano33BLE, which is new to Arduino format but publicised as a new great function to have.

I have found that Mbed has some examples of playing audio files.

First, can Mbed coding be used within and Arduino sketch and called on and used as part of the sketch?

If so, can anyone assist me in the code I would need to do it? I know from previous Arduino boards that have sketches to play audio, it is able to save audio files converted to coded audio files and saved as .h format, which can be placed is the codes setup and called on by the audio player.

The Nano33BLE and Sense boards are good boards, better than the older Nano format, but from community chat, it isn’t widely used and not many Arduino users have used the new boards.


I do not have personal experiences with this, I will only share informations what I remember.

MbedOS supports Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC which is on their Dev kit Nordic nRF52840 . Another developers itherith from the source and made Custom targets, like Arduino Nano33BLE by Arduino (Not Mbed), two years ago.

The MbedOS APIs can be probably called within Arduino IDE after you #include "mbed.h" and using namespace mbed; like is descripted here (for example).

If you have specific cases/examples in mind, then share the links.

BR, Jan