How to use Mbed Cloud Client Example for linux on PC


I have compiled and run the Mbed Cloud Client example as described here

I have developed an android application which talks to the Mbed cloud, and my goal is to test my app with the mbed cloud client running on PC.
I could see there are three resources - 1. button_resource, 2. pattern_resource, 3. blink_resource already existing in the example application. How can I virtually test blinking LED with the help of these 3 resources from my android application?

button_resource is not writable as it has only GET permission, pattern_resource has bot GET and PUT, and blink_resource has only POST permission. What I could do is - POST some random string to blink_resource and could see -

Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Blinky completed
Message status callback: (3201/0/5850) Message sent to server
Message status callback: (3201/0/5850) Message delivered

I believe the actual use case is - virtual LED will toggle as per pattern_resource when button_resource is pressed. Is it possible to simulate this with this example without changing the code?
I just want to initiate virtual button press from my android application i.e. application sends button press command to the cloud client example application via Mbed Cloud. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

It ought to be utilized together with the mbed Cloud documentation. The mbed Cloud Client abnormal state APIs permit mbed Cloud engineers to make customer side applications that associate with the mbed Cloud administration, with LwM2M includes as depicted in the Lightweight Machine to Machine Technical Specification.