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How to use Mbed Cloud Client Example for linux on PC


(Arnab Dey) #1


I have compiled and run the Mbed Cloud Client example as described here

I have developed an android application which talks to the Mbed cloud, and my goal is to test my app with the mbed cloud client running on PC.
I could see there are three resources - 1. button_resource, 2. pattern_resource, 3. blink_resource already existing in the example application. How can I virtually test blinking LED with the help of these 3 resources from my android application?

button_resource is not writable as it has only GET permission, pattern_resource has bot GET and PUT, and blink_resource has only POST permission. What I could do is - POST some random string to blink_resource and could see -

Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Virtual Led toggled
Blinky completed
Message status callback: (3201/0/5850) Message sent to server
Message status callback: (3201/0/5850) Message delivered

I believe the actual use case is - virtual LED will toggle as per pattern_resource when button_resource is pressed. Is it possible to simulate this with this example without changing the code?
I just want to initiate virtual button press from my android application i.e. application sends button press command to the cloud client example application via Mbed Cloud. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.