How to wkae up from sleep and deep sleep?

Hi Mbed users :wave:,

I am currently working on a weather station :sun_behind_rain_cloud:. This station will be connected to a CAN network. Also I have no trouble to collect data and to answer a CAN request by sending them. But in order to optimize my system, I would like to put it in sleep or deep sleep mode until a interrupt wakes it up when a CAN message is received. So here is my questions, is It right that an interrupt will wake up my system from sleep ? if It is wrong how should I proceed ? and can an interrupt also wake my system up from deep sleep (or it just work for sleep) ?

I’ll be glad to read your answers :blush: and give you further information if needed.

Interrupt is a way to wake up from deep sleep. If you want to use CAN message to wake the system you can use Sleep mode - not Deep sleep because Sleep mode keep peripherals running. Please check this documentation about sleeping: