ILI9341 slow screen update

Hi, I’m using the 4-wire ILI9341 with FRDM-K64F and im using the SPI_TFT_ILI9341 library to control the display. I can’t figure out how to speed up the screen update on the display, I have tried changing the SPI freq to around 78 Mhz but It seems it not doing anything(I know it shouldn’t be 78 Mhz but I was just trying to see if anything happens), I’ve tried to import the BurstSPI but unfortunately it doesn’t support K64F and I have no idea how to change it so it works.

Here is my program

Thanks to anyone in advance.

In my experience, Mbed SPI is quite slow, which is especially noticeable when driving larger displays. I ended up using the manufacturer’s HAL directly. You should use DMA to improve the performance further. Use a logic analyzer to see where the delays are.

Hi, Sorry if I’m going to sound dumb but I’m kinda new to this, what do you mean manufacturer’s HAL?