Lib for ILI9341 8bit

Hello. I have a “arduino tft shield” and bluepill(STM32F103C8T6) 51Ff9khEldL.SL1024-500x500

Which driver to use to connect the display? And is it possible to find a driver with touch support?

Hello there,

Usually here are libraries and examples with the SPI interface like this one but for parallel interface it is worse. In the example given is used old UniGraphic library but with the parallel interface is little bit slow.

As a first demo on this display I tried this old demo program.

BR, Jan

Hello Igor,

The UniGraphic library should work. Use the PAR_8 protocol (all eight LCD_DX pins must be selected on the same port - like PA_0 to PA_7 or PB_0, PB_1, PB_3, PB_4, PB_5, PB_6, PB_7, PB_8). The BUS_8 protocol should work too, however that is much slower.
I have tested both protocols and also FSMS_8 but with an STM32F407VE board.

Best regards, Zoltan

And for the touchscreen you can try my experiment, it is not finished and has no priority for me now, but for basic reading of XY seems be OK. Axis Z (pressure) is not implemented.

BR, Jan

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Hello Zoltan!
So it’s better to buy another display for the project? Something like that?

This display runs on ST7796, uses the SPI protocol.
Or maybe you have a better suggestion for a touchscreen display? Thanks!

Hello Igor,

The SPI interface uses less wires than the 8-bit parallel one so it’s more suitable for a Bluepill board. Moreover the display on the picture (ST7796) seems to be supported by the Arduino_GFX library and it shouldn’t be a big issue to port that library to Mbed. Maybe it’s already available. Search for Arduino_GFX on Mbed pages.
The 8-bit parallel interface is more suitable for boards equipped with more pins and a built-in display driver. For example like in this project.