Interrupt not getting triggered on STM32MP157A when the GPIO pins are enabled

I am using a custom hardware based on STM32MP157AAAx. I am using PA12 pin as an input interrupt pin configured to trigger for FALLING EDGE. So, whenever the pin level becomes low, the interrupt should be triggered. I am also using the pins PD12, PE12, PG12 etc as normal GPIO in/out pins, that are exported using GPIO apis. Both interrupt and the GPIO pins serves important in the application. The issue is that, whenever these GPIO pins are enabled in the application, the above mentioned interrupt does not get triggered. And, when these pins are disabled (not exported), the interrupt gets triggered. Please help me identify the issue.


Are you sure you are on right forum? STM32MP157AAAx does not seem to be supported by Mbed, this seems to be more for ST forum.

BR, Jan

Ok. Thank you so much.