STM32H7 mbed-os 6.13 CAN interrupt seemingly not working

Hi all,

I had previously been working on the STM NUCLEO-F767ZI with mbed-os 6.13. CAN was working well, I had application code that utilised CAN in an interrupt based approach.

I have upgraded to the STM NUCLEO-H743ZI2, and therefore setup my target in mbed-cli to use this board, and then once again exported my Eclipse project with Makefiles for this. mbed_app.json has been more or less copied with the H& target to reflect the same changes.

Everything is working as expected, like before, with the exception of interrupt approach of CAN receive. It will never hit a CAN interrupt. I can set a while loop and periodically read CAN messages, but this is not ideal for what I am trying to achieve. It also confirms that my pins are correctly configured.

I have stepped through the code when constructing a CAN object, and attaching a callback function and all of this returns fine, with no errors.

Yet, never does the callback function get executed.

Does this H7 variant have full support for CAN, and if so, does anybody have any ideas of what may potentially be going wrong?


I encounter the similar issue. Have you resolve it?
I am using H743ZI2.



the issue seems be real and it was already reported - NUCLEO_H743ZI2 CAN-FD Rx Interrupt not triggering but polling via thread works · Issue #15144 · ARMmbed/mbed-os (

BR, Jan

Thank you so much!