Is it possible to directly use 802.15.4 RF driver without using NanoStack and MeshApi like 6LowPan/Thread/WiSUN?


I am trying to setup a star network with the new S2-LP radios from ST. While Mbed already includes RF driver for those radios, the driver seems to be designed for IP based mesh-network such as 6LowPAN-ND/Thread/WiSUN. Can anyone offer some high level pointers on how to directly use those radios to setup a star network inside Mbed?

For the time being, we just need a radio link to an aggregating node running either Mbed or Windows PC. The learning curve to setup boarder router on both Mbed and Windows seems to be daunting. And I assume there is also overhead in terms of bandwidth and latency added by MeshApis.

Thanks in advance.