Keil Studio Cloud support - where to ask

I’m trying to convert from the online compiler to the Keil Studio compiler and can’t get several things to work. At this point it isn’t clear to me where to ask for help. The MBED forum is still talking about MBED Studio and the Keil forum is talking about Keil MDK. Where should I be asking for help?


let’s say Mbed Studio should be also Keil Studio in future, so place it here is correct from my point of view.
Also Help->Forums->Mbed Forum (in case of Mbed) in Keil Studio online rediects you to here.

BR, Jan

Hi @tjj . Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve added a new category for Keil Studio and added this post to it. Will hopefully make it easier for you to ask questions in future.

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Thanks for sharing! It was very informative