Retiring mbed compiler?

I have been teaching a course called EMBEDDED IOT using MBED starting about 2016 to about 500 students a year. Lately I keep seeing a RETIRING message on the MBED CLOUD COMPILER and seeing KEIL STUDIO showing up as the new default.
Since we use the FRDM-64, we use the EXPORT TO MCUXpresso option to do debugging. In fact the second course in the series, uses MCUXPresso exclusively. Also, I am sure there are a lot of developers out there the create their initial code in MBED and EXPORT it to the TOOLCHAIN that supports their deployment device for rapid development.
However, in the latest proposed scenario, KEIL STUDIO will eventually replace the CLOUD COMPILER with absolutely no way to EXPORT MCUXpresso or any other TOOLCHAIN.
Why, after all these years, are they retiring the CLOUD COMPILER, in favour of a much more limited scenario with KEIL STUDIO?