LDL: A LoRaWAN implementation for devices

Hello MBED people.

I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on called LDL.

LDL is a portable LoRaWAN implementation with an MBED wrapper. No special steps are required to compile the wrapper, simply clone the repo into an MBED app and the tools will do the rest.


LDL is different to the native MBED LoRaWAN feature in a few ways:

  • LDL doesn’t support as many regions
  • LDL doesn’t support ABP
  • LDL has different interfaces to suit constrained as well as less-constrained targets
  • LDL can be sub-classed to get specific data persistence and security behaviour
  • LDL has a set of pre-configured radio classes to support common hardware
    • LDL::HW::SX1272MB2XAS
    • LDL::HW::SX126XMB2XAS
  • LDL tends to use less memory than the native feature

The wrapper implementation is here and there are two example apps:

The quality of this implementation is experimental. It is not suitable for production as-is.

  • Virtual instances are tested against ChirpStack in all supported regions
  • I’ve only exercised physical instances in EU_868_870