License expire for arm compiler

Last year we got this notice as well, it was fixed with an update to mbed studio (1.4.4). We are seeing this again this year. 1. will there be an update to fix this? 2. why are we seeing this? If the license always expires it makes it hard to provide long term support for our products. The notice we are seeing is

[Warning] @0,0: L9931W: Your license for feature mbed_armcompiler will expire in 28 days

For regular usage the ARM Compiler 6 is not free to use and a licence have to be purchased. MbedStudio have an exception and in a combination of MbedStudio & AC6 it is possible free to use.
However the license needs to be renewed, that is usually done via updates.

  • GCC will be working anyway I think.
  • You can always use Keil Studio Cloud
  • You can setup your own settings in VS-Code

BTW KeilStudioCloud is much better than MbedStudio now.

BR, Jan

Hello Brian_McRae, JohnnyK

Mbed Studio 1.4.5 will be available very soon with the renewed AC6 license. Once this version is available and you update to it this warning will no longer appear.

Kanthan - Studio team

Hi @Brian_McRae,

Mbed Studio 1.4.5 has been released yesterday. It has a renewed Arm Compiler 6 license. Mbed Studio 1.4.4 should be automatically updated to a new version.

Arek - Studio team

After the update, bufferedserial stopped working. We are using a buffered serial rs485 port that was working before the update and now is not. We use pins PE8 and PE7 on our ST Micro 32 (STMH743VI6) at 115200 baud, 8, N, 1. The port was working just before the upgrade and stopped working just after. We do not see anything coming in or out.

Hold on that. It might be something on our end