Compiler message "L9931W: Your license for feature compiler5 will expire in 15 days"

I’m returning to mbed development environment after a few years away. I’m struggling to adapt my old online compiler mbed os2 programs to compile under mbed os5 or 6 using the new Keil Studio.

I’ve managed to import an old os2 program for STM32F091 Nucleo board and update it to os5 with baremetal profile because of the small amount of RAM . This successfully compiles, but I’m puzzled by this output message regarding compiler5 licence expiry:

“L9931W: Your license for feature compiler5 will expire in 15 days”

Is there a trial license for online compiler now?



You can not do anything for that. ARM Compiler 6 is not free to use and a licence have to be purchased. However KeilStudioCloud have an exception and in a combination of KeilStudioClou & ARMC6 it is possible free to use. However the license needs to be renewed, that is usually done via updates.
So relax and do what you need. I believe Studio team will update the licence in right time :slight_smile:

BR, Jan

Hi Jan, Thank you for your reply. I recompiled my program again today and I see that the license expiry is now reduced to 13 days. As you say, I hope the license is automatically renewed before then. I don’t want to invest too much time and effort developing a program then suddenly finding I am locked out.

As a back-up plan, this issue persuaded me to try out Mbed Studio onto my PC. I am not seeing any license expiry problems with this compiler/IDE

I find each IDE has its own advantages and unique problems. I am having occasional problems with Nucleo debugging but overall, it is a big improvement.

Not really, same issue were discussed few days ago in the context of Mbed Studio -

Yeas that is right and it is because only Keil Studio still is developing. Mbed Studio will be replaced with Keil Studio desktop maybe in the future after Keil Studio Cloud achive its final face, probably.

BR, Jan

Hi, we use a license to protect Arm Compiler, which we’re in the process of updating in our infrastructure. We do this every year. The compiler prints this warning when there are 30 days or less remaining, which is why you’re seeing it.

Please ignore this warning!

Hi folks,

We’ve made the necessary changes and you should no longer see this warning now.

Thank you for your patience!

Carey - Studio Team