Little FS for QSPI Nand flash in STM32L4A6 low power series

Hi ,
I have gone through LittleFs documentation and understood that it has got the features to operate for my purpose i.e Wear leveling and Limited RAM/ROM. My questions are,

  1. I am using Winbond QSPI Nand flash with 1 G-bit(128 MB) memory with only block erase(128 KB). Is there any size limitation for using higher size/Block-size in LittleFs?.

  2. For my flash memory (with a page read/program and block erase interface) , does it requires a flash translation layer?. In my first look and up on looking the configuration structures I felt like LittleFs is handling these translation.

  3. If it not requires the translation layer, Can I use it straight in my program which runs in FreeRTOS*?. With minimal mapping, i.e. only configuring “lfs_config”.

  4. If you have how to guide for first level usage of this for a micro-controller and flash, if there is one for STM, that will be really great.

Visakh SV