Is there any compatibility issues between LittleFileSystem in mbed & littleFS in STM32CubeIDE?

I am using an STM32L4 microcontroller and I need to mount an external SPI flash memory with LittleFS in order to read a binary file that is written from another program. The program that writes the file to the external flash memory uses mbed LittleFileSystem and BlockDevice functions into the eclipse IDE. I need to make a program that runs into the STM32CubeIDE and uses HAL with littleFS library (I have downloaded 4 files lfs_utils.c/.h and lfs.h/.c). When I am running a test case with a custom file where I am writing 160KB inside a file and save it to flash I am able to run another program that search for that file and reads it properly. However, when I run the program of the eclipse with mbed LittleFileSystem (It correctly writes the file inside the flash memory) and after that I run the program that I have made in STM32CubeIDE it fails to mount the external flash returns a corrupted error and makes the format of the file system where after format I am able to mount but I have lost the file that eclipse written inside the flash and I can’t read it. I have checked with printf the littlefs config parameters and its the same that I have in the STM32CubeIDE. All in all the program runs with the same flash size 256 bytes all is the same I can run test and pass them properly but I cannot make them work, it fails the STM32CubeIDE program to mount the flash memory after the eclipse mbed LittleFileSystem finishes. So I would like to ask since I don’t know what else to do: Is there any compatibility issue between them or there is not and they could work together and maybe I need something to change inside the software of the STM32CubeIDE program?

Thank you in advance. I am really looking for an answer.