LoRa Radio helper programming problem

Hi everyone,
I would like to connect my device(stm32L496) to the things network and I am using Lora_radio_helper.h.
LoRa radio that I am using is SX126X. I need to pass the value radio to LoRaWANInterface in my main() and I included everything that I thought it has to be there but the program can not recognize object radio in the program.

can anyone help me with this please?
thank you,

looks like this depends on “lora-radio” in your mbed_app.json
I look in lora_radio_helper.h, and it has ifdefs for MBED_CONF_APP_LORA_RADIO

could you please tell me what can I do to fix it?

lora_radio_helper.h contain macros what are probably from mbed_config.h and are automatically created according to setup from the mbed_app.json. So you probably need to change these values according to your board and shield, I think.

BR, Jan

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thank you so much!