LPC1768 Firmware update for new compiler?

Any ETA on the LPC1768 firmware update for the newer compiler?

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Hi Jim,

The development of the new firmware is ready. We are currently finishing testing it. It comes with the support for WebUSB. It should be released within next few days.

Arek - Studio team

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Thanks, we have about 500 students using it this Fall.

We had to buy just about all of the LPC1768 boards available out there just for our students.

Is the plan still to force a switch to the new cloud compiler near the end of the year? Or is it a bit later now?

I have about fifty I/O labs some including networking and RTOS for students along with the documentation – so checking that all out and fixing things will take a lot of effort.

Hi Jim,

Yes, this is still the plan but we’d love to understand a bit more about your usage and help ease the transition to Keil Studio. I’ll DM you to discuss.


There is a first beta drop of new lpc1768 firmware with webUSB funcitonality. More information can be found here: New beta firmware for LPC1768