Mbed online compiler replacement for LPC1768 boards

Is there a replacement for Mbed online compiler for LPC1768 boards. I am an instructor at a community college and we use LPC1768 boards for instruction. Keil studio is an overkill for what we do and it is incompatible with LPC1768. Has there been a fix for LPC1768? is there a light weight compiler alternative to the keil studio cloud?

Hi, the LPC1768 is supported to the same extent in Keil Studio as the Online Compiler - compilation only. We have been working for some time on flash support directly from Keil Studio for the 1768, which we hope to make available soon (unfortunately the interface on the board runs an ancestor of the DAPLink firmware found on more recent boards so it’s a one-off fix).

Just as with the Online Compiler, you can write code for the 1768, build it and then download the binary. If there are particular features that you think are confusing or possibly overwhelming for your students, please let us know and we can consider simplifying them.