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LPC4088 as aUSB HOST for a pendrive connection

Hello I am working on LPC4088 USB HOST for a pendrive which my code works good for a LPC quickstart board .

we have depeloped new board for that i am not be able to enumerate the pendrive .

In this USB_Host_SendControlRequest function returns HOST_SENDCONTROL_PipeError

for enumeration the device it must be HOST_SENDCONTROL_Successful. I think in HcdControlTransfer some pipe related issue is there.

i am not able to findout why this is happening . can anyone help me on this .

Thank you.

May I just ask under which environment you’re programming the LPC4088 QSB?

I have a LPC4088QSB also and am finding it difficult to implement some of the on-board features…

Thanks in advance.

Im using MCUXpresso IDE for programming LPC 4088 QSB.

OK, thanks for the info. Sorry if this is not obvious but, how is MbedOS integrated with the MCUXpresso tools, via the github repo maybe?