Mbed 6.15 unit test

Hi all,
I have problems to set up a simple Unit test on mbed 6.15.1

I followed the official online tutorial without success… !

It works on previous mbed version. I tried the 6.10 (Unit testing - Debugging and testing | Mbed OS 6 Documentation)

But, as things changed, I am trying to set up unit tests the new way.

After followed the tutorial and created the relevant files and classes, I ran the command :

mbed test --unittests

and the error is

[ 47%] Building CXX object connectivity/lorawan/tests/UNITTESTS/features/lorawan/loraphyeu868/CMakeFiles/lorawan-loraphy-eu868-unittest.dir/__/__/__/__/__/lorastack/phy/LoRaPHYEU868.cpp.o
/usr/bin/ld : can't find -lmbed-stubs-example-interface

I tried several things without success.
It may be a tuto missreading, but I have the impression that the tutorial forgot some files

  • the OtherClass definition. I commented the relevant line for the moment
  • example_interface_api.h. I created the file with the function definition in UNIITESTS/stubs/example folder

but anyway, the linker can’t find mbed-stubs-example-interface at some point, even if a add it in UNITTESTS/stubs/CMakeLists.txt !

I may made some mistakes in file structure ;/

Any help welcome (or a working example on a repo :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,