Mbed account reseted ? lost all my projects and history on keil studio


I recently tried to log into my keil studio cloud session and got this error message : “We are sorry, but your session has expired or is invalid.
Please attempt to login again, or if the issue persists, please come back later.”

When i logged back to my mbed account, i got a message at the top of the page saying that i needed to confirm my email adress, which i had already done months earlier. I sent back a confirmation email and clicked on the confirmation link.

I then logged back to keil studio online, it worked but it seems like everything there had been deleted. No project, no history just like it was my first time logging in.

I still have some .bin files generated from keil studio online that are some old saves of my project that i can maybe miraculously decrypt ?

pls help :sob:

Hi Leandro,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologise for the inconvenience you’ve experienced with Keil Studio Cloud.

It appears that you hadn’t used Keil Studio Cloud on this account before today. Additionally, your email address was not confirmed until now, which is a prerequisite for using Keil Studio Cloud. Unfortunately, since this is your first time logging in, there is no existing project data associated with your account.

I recommend checking if you had used Keil Studio Cloud with a different account in the past. If so, try logging in with that account to see if your projects are associated with it.

Going forward, I strongly recommend regularly backing up your projects by pushing your projects to GitHub. You can find detailed instructions on setting up GitHub integration in our documentation here.

Kind Regards,