Problem with Mbed's online compiler

Hi guys, I wanted to report a problem with my mbed account.
Throughout the year I was using the mbed online compiler, but when I logged in today I saw that there is no longer online compiler. I wanted to ask you if there was a possibility to recover my programs, since I have a lot of work done on them.
Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.


That was announced in Keil Studio Cloud introduction and Mbed Online Compiler retirement | Mbed and all registered accounts also received information in email.

It is possible to import old project directly in the KeilStudio. File->Import…

BR, Jan

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the problem is that it does not allow me to import the programs because I did not have them saved in my profile or in “My Codes”.
These were only saved in the online compiler.
Also, when looking at the import process, I noticed that it asks for the URL and the name of the program, data that I don’t have because of the online compiler shutdown.
Is there any way to recover these programs ?
Best regards!

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I believe I understand your Issue and the answer is still same. On the top panel of KeilStudioCloud click on File->Import from Mbed Online Compiler...

BR, Jan

It only appears this option in my case.

Ok, there were some misunderstanding.
Your printscreen is from Mbed Studio aka desktop IDE, but my is from Keil Studio Cloud.
The desktop IDE does not support this feature. So you need to switch to - Keil Studio - Loading (

BR, Jan

ok, perfect. There I signed up from keil studio cloud and I could start importing them.
Thank you very much.
I have another problem, when I try to import files, sometimes there are programs that are not imported.
I don’t know why but I tryed importing them again and it doesn’t still work.

Sorry, there I could fix it.
Thanks Johnny!!

You are welcome!

BR, Jan