Mbed_app.json problem

Dear all,

How to add the “flashiap-block-device” in the mbed_app.json ?
I want to configure the “base-address” and “size” for the flash block device.

I had try below code , but don’t work …

“target_overrides”: {
“*”: {
“platform.stack-stats-enabled”: true,
“platform.heap-stats-enabled”: true,
“platform.cpu-stats-enabled”: true,
“platform.thread-stats-enabled”: true,
“platform.sys-stats-enabled”: true
“NUCLEO_L432KC”: {
“target.flashiap-block-device”: {
“base-address”: “0x08000000”,
“size”: “0x4000”

Mbed OS: 6.12

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Hello Jason,

Try to replace

"NUCLEO_L432KC": {
"target.flashiap-block-device": {
"base-address": "0x08000000",
"size": "0x4000"


"NUCLEO_L432KC": {
    "flashiap-block-device.base-address":  0x08000000,
    "flashiap-block-device.size":  0x4000

You can find additional info on how to configure Mbed library parameters here.

  • In this case the name of the associated library is flashiap-block-device as indicated in the
    mbed-os/storage/blockdevice/COMPONENT_FLASH/mbed_lib.json file.
  • The parameters to configure are base-address and size.
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you also probably need to check if STM32L4 family has FlashIAP added in the target.json. If not then you need to add it.

"target.components_add": ["FLASHIAP"]

BR, Jan

Dear JohnnyK

Yes, I had the"target.components_add": [“FLASHIAP”] in the mbed_app.jason already.


Dear Hudakz,

Yes, Your suggestion works well. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,