Mbed breaks STM32 Nucleo boards

I’m using some STM32 Nucleo boards on Mbed, but also use this boards on PIO / Arduino IDE with STM32duino. After uploading from Mbed it is not more possible to use this boards with STM32duino. I tried some solutions with the guys from PIO, meanwhile I can upload with st-link, but the app doesn’t start. What to do? It seems that is a general bug in Mbed.
Working with the latest versions on macOS Big Sur.


did you tried full erase chip with ST-link utility or STM32CubeProgrammer?

BR, Jan

Tried with ST-link utility but this doesn’t work because the app doesn’t recognize any st-link.


Try to recover the board as advised here. After the chip is erased fix Mbed OS 6.6.0 by applying this patch or use Mbed OS 6.5.0 to build your programs.

Best regards, Zoltan

Will try tomorrow. Does v6.7 work?