MBED CLI - ImportError - import tools.test_configs as TestConfig


been going through the install instructions here:

mbed CLI - How to install manually

and here:

mbed CLI : Quickstart

I am using the FRDM-K64F. I have imported a simple blinky project (called"test") as described in the video. The command line returns the following:

D:\ARM\test>mbed detect
Traceback (most recent call last):
** File “D:\ARM\test.temp\tools\detect_targets.py”, line 33, in **
** from tools.test_api import get_autodetected_MUTS_list**
** File “D:\ARM\test.temp\tools\test_api.py”, line 53, in **
** import tools.test_configs as TestConfig**
ImportError: No module named test_configs
[mbed] ERROR: “d:\python27\python.exe” returned error code 1.
[mbed] ERROR: Command "d:\python27\python.exe -u D:\ARM\test.temp\tools\detect_
targets.py" in "D:\ARM\test"


There is no .py file in tools called “test_configs”. Looking at the repo here:

mbed-os on github

There is a sub-directory called “test_configs”- this is not present in my local project directory: D:\ARM\test.temp\tools

Any hints on how to overcome this please?

Can you list the commands you used so I can try to replicate your issue? I need more information so I can debug and see what happened.

can you check to make sure you have the mbed modules installed by running the following commands

mbed detect
mbed ls

I think the problem is related to the mbed version that you are using - in particular, is you’re using the mbed 2, or mbed OS.

I noticed that I am getting the same error about missing modules in projects where I use the old version of mbed, but I don’t get those errors with mbed os.