Mbed-client-example-6lowpan - Bootstrap Trouble

Hello all,

I have build this example for Cortex M3 board and get the trouble is from “Start 6LoWPAN ND Bootstrap” to “[DBG ][m6LND]: app_parse_network_event() 0
[INFO][m6LND]: 6LoWPAN ND bootstrap ready”, its taken very long time. Below is detail:

Start mbed-client-example-6lowpan
[DBG ][m6La]: init()
[DBG ][m6La]: connect()
[DBG ][m6LND]: Link-layer security NOT enabled.
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel: 12
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel page: 0
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel mask: 4096
[INFO][m6LND]: Start 6LoWPAN ND Bootstrap
| Time is so long: On FRDM-K64F taken about 15s, but on my board (ARM Cortex M3) its taken
| about 2min.
[DBG ][m6LND]: app_parse_network_event() 0
[INFO][m6LND]: 6LoWPAN ND bootstrap ready

And I do not find out this cause.

Thank for any information about this with best regards,

Hi Chi,

What platform are you using ? Can you please elaborate a little more about your setup ?