6LowPan example

Hi I’m trying to follow the 6lowpan example and have got everything connected and applications downloaded. I get this:

[DBG ][m6LND]: Restart bootstrap
[DBG ][m6LND]: app_parse_network_event() 3
[DBG ][m6LND]: Link Layer Scan Fail: No Beacons

suggesting that i cannot connect. The gateway is connected to the internet via ethernet and has the dynamic 6lowpan bin file - also the K64f has the bin loaded with the security file updated from my mbed device connector security credentials.

Does the ethernet / internet link have to be enabled as IPV6 in the BT broadband router? if so is there another way if this cannot be enabled?

Maybe obvious questions, but:

  1. Are you on an IPv6 connection? The Border Router needs to be connected to IPv6 uplink.
  2. Also, are you having the same channel assignments on both Border Router and end node?

Looking in to this further I think that the issues are with the BT business broadband (and therefore the BT business Hub router also) not having IPV6 capability as yet. sadly there is no release date from BT but should be this year possibly.

the channel assignments are the same.

Is it possible to obtain and set up a local instance of mbed device server as we have a router capable of IPV6 that could be used on site?

We had a local version of mbed Device Server at some point, but it’s not freely available anymore. The easiest(ish) is to set up a IPv6 tunnel, f.e. with Hurricane Electric. This is what we do ourselves (albeit with SIXXS, but they don’t accept new signups anymore).