Mbed Cloud Software


Is mbed Cloud Software (mbed Device Connector etc) open source? I know it’s provided as SaaS and free for development purposes, but I haven’t seen anything mentioning it’s licensing model, yet.


Hi, mbed Device Connector is not open source. It can be licensed as SaaS and on-premise.

What are you considering to use it for?

I was planning to use it for a proprietary small scale IoT network. Are there any guidance document to build a similar software? I’m especially curious about how load balancing is done at the backend (database driver).

Sorry for the late reply. What do you mean with ‘similar software’? Just streaming data from a device to the cloud is quite easy as long as you have an internet connection (WiFi, ethernet, something like that). Could use one of the MQTT libraries for mbed to do that, and a simple web server on the backend.

mbed Device Connector shines mostly when you have a number of devices connected in multiple ways (6LoWPAN, Thread, WiFi, Cellular, BLE, LoRa, etc.) and don’t want to care about the specifics on how to connect to these devices, or when you have too many devices to manage manually, or when you want to do things like firmware updates, device management, etc.

Similar software means “these are exactly what I’m chasing” :slight_smile: