Performance of Mbed Cloud


I’m working on a project where I want to send sensor data with a high throughput.

The demo board I’m using is the C030-U201 Board from u-blox and it’s using a PPP cellular interface (2G/3G) to connect to the Mbed gateway service.

Currently I’m using Mbed Device Connector because the API on both ends and example code is easily and freely available.

The throughput I get isn’t quite what I had in mind. The limiting factor is the 10000 Transactions per hour you get from Mbed Device Connector. I’m already collecting sensor data and send them as bulk block message. More than ~400 byte per transaction doesn’t seem to work well when using the observe operation.

My question is:
Will I get better performance when switching from Device Connector to Mbed Cloud (Commercial Tier) in regards to Transactions/s and Payload Size per Transaction?

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When streaming messages, the resource-oriented approach of LwM2M is not the best format. How I did it for streaming accelerometer data is to just set up a raw TCP socket to my own server and stream the data over that.

Can still use Device Connector / Mbed Cloud for device management and other resources, but anything where you have a high sampling rate is better off just using a raw socket.

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Thank you for your reply! I’ll do it as you’re suggesting.

Btw, that Data Science Africa project you’ve worked on seems like tons of fun :slight_smile:

Thanks! It definitely was :slight_smile: