Mbed having corrupt files that cant be removed

I’m using an mbed NXP LPC1768 on a windows 11 computer.

So I am trying to put information into a file using the LocalFileSystem on the mbed where it creates a file, writes temperature on it that is read from the thermometer on the mbed. I was thorough to use fclose so the file wouldn’t get corrupt but somehow the file must have gotten corrupt.

So now if I plug in the mbed it doesn’t show up, so I have to unplug it, hold the reset button and then plug it as I hold it for it to show up on my file manager. After It shows up it has the text file but I can’t remove it or open it because it says it doesn’t exist. Then the mbed just dissapears from my file manager again so I have to do the unplug and reset button again. If I try to rightclick the mbed to see options to do with the mbed it starts loading, then the file manager stops responding, then crashes and I once again have to unplug/plug and reset button.

Anyone know how to like factory reset the mbed or something?


try to perform on board DAPlink firmware updare/reflash.

BR, Jan

You might want to read my info page about LPC1768: MCU Info Page: LPC1768 · mbed-ce/mbed-os Wiki · GitHub

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