MBED Integration using TFLite 2.8.0

Hi am trying to integrate latest TFLite source into MBED platform using DISCO evaluation kit. I am facing strange compilation issues.
[ERROR] Library name ‘platform’ is not unique (defined in ‘/home/chaitanya/Chaitanya/VWW_May19_2_8_0/tiny/benchmark/reference_submissions/person_detection/mbed-os/platform/mbed_lib.json’ and ‘/home/chaitanya/Chaitanya/VWW_May19_2_8_0/tiny/benchmark/reference_submissions/person_detection/tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/cmsis/CMSIS/NN/Tests/UnitTest/Mbed/mbed-os/platform/mbed_lib.json’)

I have fixed this issue, but one other issue is popping and after fixing that also, I got some other compilation issues. I think there is some basic step is missed, need your quick help.

However, when I integrate TFLite version 2.6.2, build is compiling.