Mbed libraries not working on my pc

i have problems with my mbed libraries and keep forcing error at ’ Serial’. Help me to fix this please :slight_smile: im newbie here


Hello ,

it is depend what a version of the MbedOS you are using. You can see that in the Libraries card, close to the Output card.

Serial or RawSerial Apis are usable only with MbedOS 5.15 and lower.

For the MbedOS 6+ there are:

BR, Jan

Fastest solution for you is probably downgrade MbedOS to 5.15.X. . Because these new apis from MbedOS6+ not let you use methods like the printf, scanf and so on…
For HOW TO, just visit Mbed Studio Documentation and section Managing libraries or Creating or importing a program.

If you want to use latest MbedOS6+, you can try to combinate it with a community library SerialStream.

BR, Jan

okeyy .
So, is this the link for downloading and installing the old version?

No, that is release information page.
You can do this directly in MbedStudio, according to the documentation (Managing libraries) in four steps. Locate mbed-os-5.15.6 in the combo box.

BR, Jan