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Mbed studio IDE - creating new project

I am using Mbed studio IDE and compiled few sample code and tested , it works fine
now i want to create new project with multiple source file , can anyone suggest me how to create new project and add multiple source files…

This doc explains it:

You can create a new empty project, which only adds the Mbed OS library.

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Hi Ramasamy,

You can add as many source files to the program as you want using Menu->File->New File functionality. As long as they are inside the program folder (at any level as a child) you should be able to include them in your code. C/C++ IntelliSense built-in Studio should help you with that.
Mbed Studio does not support having source files for a single program being located in multiple locations on the disk. Mbed CLI supports this functionality. We are considering adding it in the future.
I recommend also looking at the link provided by @JoeA above. It shows more on how to use workspaces in Studio (for cases when you already have a program on your disk and you want to load it into Studio).

Arek - Studio team

I worked with all examples previous it was working fine but now while
compile of any examples it taking time to compile(it is compiling all the
library files but I selected only blink example project like 0.1% it is

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First compilation take long time because all source files of MbedOS are pre-compliled for the future.
Next compilations take much less time because all source file of MbedOS are already pre-compiled and only files where were made some changes are compiled.
But when you change something important, what can affect Mbed OS , then it will be compiled again like the first time:

  • Change target or its settings
  • Change configuration of MbedOS, for example when you set Bare metal profile in mbed_app.json file
  • Clean build or manual delete of BUILD folder what is same like Clean build.

However, in your screen I see some chaos in projects. You have 2 projects inside another one.
I seems like you have set the workspace inside of another project.

BR, Jan

Hii sir,

how to add serial.c and serial.h file in new program Mbed studio?

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I think your question is not exact.
If you already have these files, you can simply copy&paste these files in to your project folder via a file manager of your system. Or Drag&Drop into your project folder via tree in the MbedStudio.

BR, Jan

we are trying to add a serial buffer function in our file but it gives an error.
below i have attached a link.

Ok, so you want to use BufferedSerial api, but for that you not need to add something.
All these APIs are already in MbedOS library.

Just copy&paste the content of example into your main.cpp or import whole example into MbedStudio.
Or try to type by yourself

static BufferedSerial serial_port(USBTX, USBRX);

and so on.

BR, Jan

Yes we just copied in main.cpp along with blink program

#include “mbed.h”
// Blinking rate in milliseconds
#define BLINKING_RATE 500
static BufferedSerial serial_port(USBTX, USBRX);
int main()

// Initialise the digital pin LED1 as an output
DigitalOut led(LED2);

while (true) {
led = !led;



But gives
[Error] main.cpp@4,8: unknown type name ‘BufferedSerial’
[ERROR] .\main.cpp:4:8: error: unknown type name ‘BufferedSerial’

what could be the problem

is Bufferedserial api not included in the library?

I tried to import Blinky example and copy&paste BufferedSerial example into it. The compilation is ok (Numaker, MbedOS6.9, MbedStudio 1.4).

It seems like you have MbedOS5 and not 6+
What is output of this line?


Yes, BufferedSerial is part of MbedOS6+

BR, Jan

My version is

mbed-os 5.15.6

That is the problem. You probably create Blinky example for MbedOS5. In the Mbed OS lower than 6 BufferedSerial not exist, it was Serial.

For older version you also need to use older documentation - Full API list - APIs | Mbed OS 5 Documentation

Or Update to MbedOS6.

BR, Jan

Thanks , I will update 6 ver only

Warm Regards,ease

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In Buffered serial, i am using below api for reading bytes from serial port

if (uint32_t num =, sizeof(buf)))