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Exporting from Web compiler to MBED Studio

(Gregory Wassick) #1

Hello All.

I am trying to use Mbed Studio for my development.
I’ve created several programs on the web based compiler.

What is the best we to get them into Mbed Studio? What export options should I use?



(Ralph Fulchiero) #2

Hi Greg,

The “File - Import Program” menu allows you to import your Online Compiler projects, but they must first be published to your code area. If you aren’t familiar with publishing your projects, please see:

You can experiment by importing an old project that I just published by using this URL:

There is a problem with the Import operation on Windows for some users, so this is being treated as a critical defect.

If it’s not working for you, then you can export from the Online Compiler to a zip file, unzip it, create an empty Mbed Studio project and then drag and drop your source files into the project.

Ralph, Team Mbed