Mbed Studio use in academic environment


I work at a university and have been asked by an academic to assess if Mbed Studio is feasible to be used in the labs. I can deploy the software out to the devices ok but when its launched it spends a long time caching to it looks like the users appdata\local folder in their account.

User accounts are created at login and removed after so as it stands our users will have to cache each time they run the software, which will take too long for a teaching session.

Is it possible to maintain a single cache that all users who login can share, maybe with symbolic links to it? Or maybe have a single cache that is robocopied into the profile at login?

I don’t use the software so don’t know if that’s feasible, if they build and work in that location then copying it over each login to a vanilla state may mean having to start from scratch each time too.

Also do the files that are cached change regularly, if we did have a single cache that’s shared or copied in would it need constant updating?

Hi Gavin,

in the past we received similar requests from other universities and we found that the main issue with the initial project setup was the need to download a copy of mbed OS.

We added the possibility to use a shared copy of mbed OS for different projects that many people in your situation found very helpful. This is what it looks like from the UI:


Hopefully this will help, but if you have any question please just let me know.

Federico - Studio Team

Hi Federico,

Isn’t that dialog where you can point to a shared instance of the Mbed OS only available after its open, getting to the open program is taking 20 odd minutes from first launch while it caches, or is there something i’m missing that i can setup?



Hi Gavin,

Mbed Studio performs several actions on startup, including some optimizations for mbed OS. Using a shared version of mbed OS for your programs might help with the startup time in some specific circumstances. If your problem is with the first launch this suggestion unfortunately won’t help.

If your main problem is the waiting time on the initial splash screen (the one where you told Caching Mbed OS to speed up your development workflow) copying mbed OS before starting the application might help. Doing this might require some tinkering and is not guaranteed to succeed.

As a rough guide in the appdata folder you should be able to find a Mbed Studio folder. Inside that there should be (or you could create) a library-pipeline folder. Inside that you could try to git clone Mbed OS. If you have an instance of Mbed Studio setup correctly you should be able to see this configuration already present on the file system and your goal should be to replicate what you see there.

Good luck!

Federico - Studio Team