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Multi-user installer

We use Windows in our teaching lab, and each student has their own account (managed by a domain controller). This is also a GDPR requirement for us.

We cannot use Mbed Studio as (unlike the Mac version), it does not support installation for all users.

Is this a feature that will feature in the next few months? (If not, we will stick to Keil uVision for another year)


We added support for this at your request :slight_smile:

It will be in our 0.8 release, which is currently being tested. All being well, it will go out this week.


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That’s great - I’ll keep an eye out and get it deployed in the lab for semester 2!

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Could you please elaborate on this? What do you mean it does not support installation for all users? Are you referring to the default workspace?

It sounds as we are in the very similar position (getting ready for semester 2 and wondering if it is worth risking beta software!).

With 0.7 I was planning on getting the students to create a workspace on their network drive as opposed to the default(local) one in Users/USERNAME/ that is periodically deleted. It seemed to work in the testing I’ve done, but I’m now worried there are other issues that I won’t be aware of until I have 80 students trying (unsuccessfully) to blink an LED!


The 0.7 version will install for the current user account and save the files in the user local profile (not sure my terminology is right here - I spend more time on the Mac).

So if you log in as user A, install the software, log out, and log in as user B, the software will not be available.

I understand v0.8 may well be coming soon with this issue addressed.


Thanks for the info. Will do some testing and keep an eye out for 0.8.

Hi Craig,

Sure, as Joe mentioned we are adding a support for this feature in Mbed Studio 0.8.0 on Windows. Installer will contain two installation options:

  1. (default) For current user: Default installation folder is set to LocalAppData folder and both application and tools are installed locally for current user.
  2. For all users (requires administration rights): Mbed Studio is by default installed in Program Files and is available for all users. Tools are installed in ProgramData folder.

Arek - Mbed Studio team