Mbed-tls and stm32f429i

When I compile my projct with mbed-tls
give me error

yotta_modules/mbedtls/source/entropy_hardware_poll.c:32:21: fatal error: MK64F12.h: No such file or directory
#include “MK64F12.h”

Unfortunately, the mbed TLS Yotta module only supports the Freescale K64F board in the mbed OS Beta release, which is why you’re seeing this problem. Please check back to the page http://www.mbed.com/en/development/hardware/boards/ for an up to date list of supported boards.

The issue arises out of the required source for a secure entropy source. Without one, the mbed TLS stack is susceptible to attack. We plan in the next release to make the entropy hardware source a separate yotta module, which will ease porting to other platforms such as the stm32f429i.

But in

say support ST STM32F429I Discovery. when full support this platform?