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'mbed' 不是內部或外部命令、可執行的程式或批次檔。

when I download and install Mbed_installer_v0.4.10.exe in windows 10.
command mode, I type mbed but shows mbed is not a command as below.
I set C:\mbed-cli\mbed-cli\mbed-cli-1.8.3 to system variable PATH, still the same error.
I am new on mbed, sould anyone help me to start?
Thanks a lot.

‘mbed’ 不是內部或外部命令、可執行的程式或批次檔。

I think, ou should put a title more clear and in english.

Thanks your suggestion, due to this is a Chinese OS, so the win10 shows traditional Chinese words.
I have figure out the reason: it is because I run mbed on win10 cmd mode, if I run it under mbed studio\terminal, without this issue

you can still change and edit the title now