MbedOs Build Time

Hi, recently i started working on MbedOs, it is well and good enough IDE for ARM core devices. Right now mbedOs taking too much time for compiling/building for example if i add one line of code in either .h or .c file it will start build from 0.1% to 100% and this will be 3 to 5minutes. If these is the case it is totally difficult so i want to avoid this problem can anybody provide the solution?

Hello Parthiban,

If your program doesn’t use all the mbed “features” then you can remove the unneeded ones using the .mbedignore configuration file.
You can find an example in this thread. (The latest .mbedignore file is available in the last post of that thread.) But keep in mind that the “features” indicated in the example are not fully independent of each other. It could sometimes happen that if you add some “feature(s)” by comment out the corresponding entry/line then some other “feature(s)” should be added (by commenting them out) too to make the program functional.