Mbedtls-3.2.1 version : aescrypt2 executable is not there

Hi Team,

For our project, I am upgrading from MBEDTLS.2.1.10 version to MBEDTLS3.2.1 Version.
As part of olderversion aescrypt2 executable the certificates were encrypted .
Now with the latest version - aescrypt2 executable is not there, and hence the encryption of keys is not working .
For mbedtls3.1.2 which aescrypt should be used.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi, you might find better help going to mbedtls Github and ask for help there.

From what I found, this might help Remove the sample program aescrypt2 by gilles-peskine-arm · Pull Request #4437 · Mbed-TLS/mbedtls · GitHub (why it was removed and what was going to replace it).

HI, Thanks for your support. I will check on this.