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Mbedtls_pk_verify giving ECP - The signature is not valid as error

Am trying to use mbedtls libraries with STM32F4 series processor.
For the purpose of firmware binaries signing, we have been given a firmware certificate and we need to use the certificate to decrypt the signature of incoming binaries and only it the signature is valid perform Firmware upgrade.
Trying to test the code on x86 machine using VS2019.
I was able to successfully load the certificate using the “mbedtls_x509_crt_parse” API, but on moving ahead and trying to use the public key stored as part of this certificate for verifying firmware signature i keep getting ECP - The signature is not valid as error code while debugging in visual studio.

Using the mbedtls_pk_verify API post the provided signature and the Hash that it is supposed to be compared with is read from seperate files.

Any pointers as to why should i be getting this error?