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【mbedtls】 v2.16.6 feature consult

Dear Sirs,

Please help me to confirm mbedtls v2.16.6 feature.

Could Mbedtls v2.16.6 support the below feature ?

  • The ANSI x9.63 KDF (see SEC1, 3.6.1 ANSI X9.63 Key Derivation Function).
    Note: The hKDF in mbedtls is implement of RFC 5869.

  • Computations on the NIST P-224 elliptic curve (see FIPS 186-4, D.1.2.2. Curve P-224)

  1. Generation of a random scalar in [1, q).
  2. Scalar multiplication and point addition.
  3. Verification that a point is on the P-224 elliptic curve
  • ECDSA/ECDH over the NIST P-256 elliptic curve (see FIPS 186-4, D.1.2.3. Curve P-256 and Pairing for more details)