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Sect233r1 NIST B-233 support?

(Iason Papadopoulos) #1

Are there any plans of including this curve into the supported ECDSA curves for mbedtls? If not, is there some way of inputting your own curve parameters to get this desired curve? (Sorry, i’m not that good at ECC…)

(Ron Eldor) #2

Mbed TLS does not support this curve, or any other curve over binary fields.
Is there a specific reason why this specific curve is needed? Can’t you use one of the NIST P-XXX curves?
Mbed TLS Team member,

(Iason Papadopoulos) #3

I’m working on a very specific application that sends information to an old platform that only supports this curve, and if I don’t sign my data properly anything I send to it will be instantly rejected, so I have no other choice.

(Ron Eldor) #4

Thank you for your information. As mentioned, unfortunately, we don’t support this curve, and there isn’t a plan to support it, as it is not a common curve.
However, we do accept contributions from the community, and if someone will contribute it, we will consider reviewing and merging it. You are welcome to open a feature request in our github repository so it could be tracked, and perhaps other members of the community will request and contribute.
Mbed TLS Team member

(Iason Papadopoulos) #5

OK Thank you