McuXpresso (nothing in terminal view)

I use Imx1021 of NXP demo board.

When using Mcuxpresso, nothing is printed in terminal view.
Itried also alternatives with teraterm, same issue.
I changed port configuration number in windows (exemple COM17, COM9…) nothing also.
I cannot use console view in Mcuxpresso.

Does somebody get idea about issue of terminal?


This question is not seem to be related to Mbed. So why do you post this here on Mbed forum and under MbedOS>Bugs rather than to a NXP community forum - Home - NXP Community ?

BR, Jan

I do not understand your remark?, It is a mbed driver linked to USB port.

I am sorry if i am wrong, but

  1. I can not found your target Imx1021 as a supported one
  2. you wrote When using Mcuxpresso. That looks like you use NXP solution and not Mbed

So when you unplug the cable a port should disappear, when you connect it back then appears again. Then you can be sure what COM port you need to set istead of a random test.

BR, Jan