MXRT1050-EVKB failing to load .bin

I’ve been running various programs on my IMXRT1050-EVKB for the last few days using mbed on-line compiler on a linux box. Today, I uploaded the latest blinky-example. The board is blinking, but I can no longer upload a .bin. When i drag and drop the .bin, the USB disk has a FAIL.TXT file saying “The interface firmware FAILED to initialize the target MCU”. The board is still running the blinky example. I also tried SDK examples with MCUXpresso and that also fails with alert popups saying “remote communications error”.

How do i recover?

OK, found some old notes when this happened a year or so ago. Need to change flash switches and in MCUXpresso do mass erase flash as described at

I am able to build /debug programs again from MCUXpresso

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