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MODSERIAL is completely broken now in platformio?

I went to re-install platformio on my fresh linux install and when I tried to re-install platformio and load my project for the lpc1768, I get ALOT of errors now, noteably, Serial in MODSERIAL.h is undefined

"Serial" is not a nonstatic data member or base class of class "AjK::MODSERIAL"

there is no .baud for a MODSERIAL connection

_putc is inaccessible,

and alot of other misc errors.

Did something change that completely broke MODSERIAL or did I forget to install something?


the MODSERIAL is community library so it is not related to MbedOS Bugs section.

So it more depend about what a version of MbedOS do you use. The Serial API was removed in the MbedOS 6 (one year ago) so the last version what will work with the MODSERIAL can be MbedOS 5.15.7.

BR, Jan

I can’t find a version of LPC1768 and MODSERIAL that work together for the life of me, guess I’ll convert to the new MBED OS 6 :pensive: