Multiple LoRaWAN joins in sequence


I’m testing the mbed-os’ LoRaWAN stack by running the sample code mbed-os-example-lorawan on Murata type ABZ chip.
The initialisation is performed correctly but during the “connect” phase many JOIN requests are generate (12 seconds interval between one request and the next). For every JOIN request the LoRaServer correctly generates the JOIN accept. Other LoRaWAN devices are working properly and do not have this behavior, I exclude problems on the server side.

After several requests, the device accepts the join and sends the first uplink.

EDIT: I have enabled tracing to check the join sequence. The join accept is received only when the join request is sent with DR = 0.

Join sequence:



This looks something should be investigated more and fixed, could you please also report this on mbed-os-example-lorawan?


Ok, Thanks