No uVisor fault messages on masterbranch of mbedOS

Maybe this is a known issue or a problem of my debugchain. But after updating the mbed-os library in my application to the masterbranch, I don’t get the fault messages of uVisor anymore.

On the mbed-OS-5.2 branch it works without problems and in case of a missing ACL the system stops and gives me the known fault message with Memory Map, Stack Frame, MPU Config and the HALT_ERROR message.

With mbed-os at master, the reaction to a missing ACL is a stopping application on the target, but the debugger message only says that the application is still running and gives no fault message.

Here some informations about my setup:

  • Target is the K64F FRDM Board
  • As debugger I use a J-Link Base
  • IDE is Eclipse
  • Mentioned version of branch master link to commit
  • Mentioned version of branch mbed-os-5.2 link to commit

Hi Reinhard, I’ve tested this locally and I can observe the debug messages using the version of mbed OS you pointed out.

Could you specify what command are you using to compile? And what version of mbed CLI are you using (mbed --version)?

One possible cause is that you first compiled without debug support and then with debug turned on, which on the current version of mbed CLI does not re-trigger a clean build, meaning that you still end up with the release build of uVisor. You can trigger a clean build manually using the -c option in the mbed compile command you are using.

Hi Alessandro,

thanks for the suport.

  • mbed cli Version is 0.9.5
  • Build command for the debug build is mbed-cli compile -j0 -t GCC_ARM -m K64F --profile mbed-os/tools/profiles/debug.json

I’ve tryed this again with c57427 (mentioned master version in first post) and 1fd2402 (the latest master commit) with forced rebuild by deleting the “.build” folder in the project. Still no fault messages.
Same with a rebuild forced by the build command mbed-cli compile -j0 -t GCC_ARM -m K64F -c --profile mbed-os/tools/profiles/debug.json

Any other ideas?

With the newest commit on branch mbed-os-5.2, d5de47 I also get the debugmessages.

Hi Reinhard, I looked into the problem and realized there was a regression somewhere in the mbed-cli development. We have created a fix for it which is currently under review:

For reference:

I hope this fixes your issue!

Yes, it did.
I tested it with aa6780 and get the uVisor errors as expected.

Thank you.