Problem in uvisor port


While trying to port uVisor, i followed the porting guide step by step, and then when i wanted to build the program i got the following problem, actually, while debugging, in the uvisor initialization step, the program stops working and in the assembly code the pointer is stuck in this line 1000238c: bkpt 0x00ab.

Can anybody helps or suggests me some clues?
Thank you.

It’s due to semihosting, i activate it, and it worked.

Now i have another problem with the CORE, actually during the core check and revision, i got this error :

HALT_ERROR(core/system/src/mpu/vmpu.c#67): This core is unsupported
or there is a mismatch between the uV"
682,076 @“sor configuration you are using and the core this configuration supports.\n”
682,108 @"\r\n"

i tried to printf the return of CORE_VERSION_CHECK and it was equal to 1 but CORE_REVISION_CHECK was 0. im working on a Cortex M3 and i declared it in the configuration, i dont know where the problem comes from.