NRF52: MBED OS 6.0.0 Cordio and Idle Hook removal for Nordic Targets

In MBED OS 6.0.0 release I noticed in the source code for Nordic Targets, the subscription to Idle Hook event or whatever you want to call it has been removed. So when the CPU goes idle, where in the mbed-os source is the sleep API’s being called or is it upto the BLE App developer to call the Sleep Management API from their respective custom firmwares, when they think the BLE Module needs to enter sleep?


@vcoubard @paulszczepanek @donatien any thoughts. I was just waiting to see if we can start leveraging 6.0 mbed os for one of our BLE projects. By the way the github change was as per this Change#12956.

Hi Ajay,

We removed the custom override of that idle hook in order to enable the use of BLE in bare metal mode.
The “standard” idle hook will still be called and should handle power management for you though.

Kind regards,


Thanks for your inputs @donatien.